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Game Development and Design


All the games in this list are available freely, or on a pay what you want model with no minimum price. Click the image or the title to be taken to a place where you can download the game.


A minimalistic, hexagonal blend of Snake and Air Traffic Control.

Control a collection of snakes, in an age old quest to devour ever respawning pellets. As your snake grows, it will split into multiple smaller snakes. To help you juggle them, snakes can have their paths planned out in advance. Complete objectives, watch as the game field shifts, with the very stage rearranging itself into increasingly treacherous patterns. Shoot for the best score possible!

Built to be a commercially viable free to play game, whilst also trying to get away from my traditional style as much as possible. Alpha built in two months, with all aspects done by me, save for music which was outsourced. Contender in Steel Media's Big Indie Picth, at Develop:Brighton 2017

Samu Rise

A high speed platformer Hack 'n' Slash, focusing on high speed action

A stylish samurai game about fast thinking and reflexes. Swing your sword to fight foes, deflect projectiles, and launch the dropped swords of your foes, but be cautious! Every successful slash rewards you with no cooldown, restored double jumps, and points, but every miss leaves you defenceless against your enemies! Unlock upgrades for your foes, to raise the stakes, and find a worthy challenge!

Developed entirely by myself in the space of two months, save for the sound and music. Created to be a larger scale project, with a focus on tight and rewarding gameplay, an art style different from what I've tried before, and heavily targetting an audience that likes to see themselves improve visibly in games.

I Am A Terrible Person

A personal game about trying to hold a normal conversation while obsessing over whether the other person thinks you are bad.

Since you know yourself better than anyone else, it's possible you're overly aware of all the bad things in your past. Sometimes this means when you're talking to people, you spend too much time worrying if they'll "catch on" to how bad you are. This game is about that.

Created in under 8h for the Berlin Minijam, with the theme "You are the villain". The game was designed as one that could be most refined within the limited time frame, and an attempt at storytelling through game mechanics, where thoughts that weigh heavily on your mind quite literally cover up the more rational thoughts.


A 5 minute cyberpunk game about arranging items into a limited space. Pack your bag for the last time, before heading out into a oppressive dystopia.

You're packing to leave your flat for the last time, as the Enforcers will be arriving soon. What you're packing for is determined by what you choose to pack. Are you fleeing to make a new home elsewhere? Or are you planning to resist the very people who've forced you out?

Created as part of a team of three, within two weeks, for #ResistJam. My personal goal within the jam was to give a person from a disadvantaged background a chance to design a game. My role was project management, coding, and assembling all the assets from various team members into something which matched the designer's specification.

Dippy Ducks

A casual game about throwing colourful ducks at boxes.

Throw ducks at crates, expand your duck collection, and get lost in a whimsical sea of calm colours and quacking. A game with no ultimate goal, meant to be played for mild relaxation.

A game made for Global Game Jam 2017, as part of a team of two. My roles were programming, design, creation of the art assets and choosing the sound ones. Notable for this game is that it is very different to the game it was halfway through the jam, as this was found to be unfun, and the game was taken in a very different direction, while trying to avoid losing any work done on previous assets.


A small game about social anxiety

Play a party attendee, trying their best to dance the dance of social etiquette. A number of small minigames represent different fascets of social interaction, simple in isolation, but overwhelming when you need to consider them all.

A game created by myself, within a week as part of the "One Game A Week" challenge. It's an experiment in trying to explain a concept that is very difficult to visualise, uby using gameplay mechanics as metaphor for the ideas, hopefully helping the player understand the concepts as they start to understand the gameplay. Was also used as a test for a simpler and quicker to produce artstyle, compared to what I'd used previously. Showcase at Norwich Games Festival 2017.

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